IR4 * Running for Bekki!!

Who Do You Run For? Over the past few years I’ve encountered some of the most dedicated and generous people I’ve ever come in contact with.  Some I’ve met in person.  Others are online friends.  But the regardless of how the stories come to light, there is always an underlying goodness that presents itself within … Continue reading

CLICK Espresso Protein Drink Give-a-way!!

Happy Anniversary, MRTTT! The Tallahassee chapter of Moms RUN This Town (MRTTT) celebrated our one year anniversary on June 10, 2013!  What started as a hobby for me has since turned into so much more, with each step we take together impacting more than just some piece of asphalt or some dirt on a trail.  … Continue reading

Women’s Running St. Petersburg Half Marathon & 5K

Won’t you join me on November 24th 2013 in beautiful downtown St. Pete, Florida.  I will be lining up with hundreds of amazing women and running the Florida Women’s Running Half Marathon presented by Publix to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! Downtown St. Petersburg  is gorgeous with quaint neighborhoods, museums, unique parks, and historic buildings, all … Continue reading

We Run For Jacob G

We Run for Jacob (aka “But I had no idea!) Most of you are aware of our wonderful group, Moms Run This Town, so I’ll try to keep my probably-way-over-the-top adoration for this truly outstanding community of women to a minimum (or not…). I love being the Tallahassee chapter leader, and as our group continued … Continue reading

First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon

First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon Recap 03/17/2013 I probably shouldn’t write about yesterday’s race first given that it was my fifth half marathon for the year and a rough run for me, but it’s fresh in my memory, which always makes for a good starting line. Running Sarasota was a last minute decision. I loved … Continue reading

A Fantastic February for the Feet!!

A Fantastic February for the Feet! This month is turning out to be a fantastic month in running!  Truth is, it was scheduled to be a great month, and it has exceeded all expectations so far thanks to a handful of wonderful mama’s!  Oh, yeah, and I turned a magnificent 29 again, too!  I guess … Continue reading

Moms RUN This Town, Winter Runnerland Recap

Moms RUN This Town, Winter Runnerland Race Recap On January 5, 2013, MRTT Tallahassee met at the San Marcos Fort in St. Marks, FL to run the Winter Runnerland Virtual Race.  It was a particularly chilly Saturday morning in North Florida to some. For me, it was straight up cold!  Tammy M., my co-captain, arrived at my … Continue reading

Happy New Year!! Bring on 2013!!

Happy New Year!! Bring on 2013!! In the spirit of  the New Year resolution (with a little carry-forward from a wonderful Christmas), I’m making a resolutions list and checking it twice.  So, what are your goals for 2013? I have two basic categories of goals right now, running and everything else.  My running goals for … Continue reading

The winner is…..

Congratulations Theresa F. entry #40!!  You have won the Biggest Loser Run Walk Half Marathon free entry!!!  Thank you for entering our giveaway!! Moms Run This Town and I hope you have an awesome time at the race!! Happy Running!!!  

It’s been a good week!

Happy Friday ending a Happy Week! It’s really been a great week for me.  I’m not saying everything went as planned or that there weren’t any teenage or three-year old flair ups, but in the big scheme of things it’s been a great week.  If TD hadn’t gotten sick I wouldn’t have much to complain about, but … Continue reading